How have my mental health struggles made me a stronger person?

I thought this was a really good question. Not just for me to answer but for everyone who reads my blog.

This is one of those questions which has more than one answer because having mental health problems makes you become a strong person because even on your worst and weakest days if you can open your eyes the next day when you wanted to die, in my opinion that shows and takes more strength than you ever knew you had!

I think this question is one that depends on what strength means to you as a person.

I am quite a strong person really! (not in body strength but mental strength) actually am I?

I guess speaking out about my struggles with mental illness on the internet takes strength as it is a very personal journey which I share to encourage others to do the same and end the stigma.

I do self harm sometimes but a lot less than I used to and I guess that shows strength but in a way it is more the fact that Milly watches everything and takes it all in and I don’t want self harm to be her go to solution.. because it’s not a solution but for me it is a release when it’s all to much…

I am definitely not telling anyone to self harm it isn’t a solution it is just a release that works whilst your doing it but once you have finished your mental pain may be less but your physical pain is something else.

So I guess in a way my mental illness has many many bad points I do believe it has taught me what true strength actually is because there are many days when I feel so weak that I won’t make it through the day but somehow I do and that takes more strength than you will ever know.

Thanks for reading



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