What lessons have I learned from my mental health struggles?

When I first read this question I really did think it was going to be difficult one to answer but know I have had time to think about it I actually don’t think it’s going to be that difficult for me to be honest.

So what I have learnt from my mental health struggles is first I am a total burden on everyone and I rely far to much on others and that I need to try a lot harder to do things by myself but that is easier said than done but I do think if this dosen’t change the small amount of people I have in my life will start to resenting me and I can’t have that.

One good thing I have learnt is to be more understanding towards others who are struggling with their own mental health and personal problems and try and help them through it even if that is just taking the time out to listen.

I am an extremely impulsive person but that is because of my BPD but I have learnt that being impulsive is just a part of me and not only do I need to accept that but so do others around me.

I think that having so many mental health problems has made me a weak person in so many ways but because I am still alive today even tho there has been so many times that I haven’t wanted to be I guess I have some strength in me. somewhere!

I think that is where I will end this post on a positive not because if I keep talking it will just go down hill quickly I just know it!

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Love always



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