5 things you should never say to another mummy.

Like I always say this is just my opinion and I’m just going by what was said to me that upset me and what I would never ever say to another mummy.

1. Don’t ask “why are you bottle feeding and not breastfeeding”. Not everyone has a choice. I had to bottle feed because I was on medication for my mental health that would have made Milly extremely poorly so yes I bottle fed and to be honest it didn’t effect Milly at all and it more sociable with our families. I have no problem with people breastfeeding or bottle feeding but I do have a problem with people shaming other people because it’s not what they choose to do. In my opinion fed is best!

2. Why is she so small? Is she getting enough food? This one really annoys me and it wasn’t just said to me it was said to someone I know to by a total stranger and that is not ok. To question someone that you don’t know or even if you do know you do not question whether they are feeding their child enough! As a mother you know your child, Milly was tiny when she was born, she was also early which is why even now at 2 years old she is a lot smaller than an average 2 year old but she is a well fed, happy and beautiful two year old so if I have no concerns then that is all that matters.

3. If my house is a mess don’t mention it because I already know but I’m to exhausted to constantly clean it. Like if you turn up to a friends house or my house and it is a bit of a mess I appolagise I try really hard to keep it tidy but with a two year old constantly destroying it I just give up. So maybe instead of judging just ask if I need a hand I will probably say no but you just asking would mean the world or even just entertaining my child for 30 minutes so I can just catch up on a few chores would be a massive help and I don’t think that is just me I think other mothers probably feel this way too.

4. Don’t tell me how to raise my child. This is a pet peeve of mine especially when it comes to other mothers but just because I am not raising my child in the same way as someone else dosen’t mean that I or anybody else is doing it wrong. For example I have no problem with Milly having chocolate but other parents choose not to allow their kids to have sweets and in my opinion either way is fine it is a choice . I would never tell another parent that what they are doing is wrong! They know their child and what they need so let them raise them how they want to. Obviously unless you have concerns about the child’s safety then that’s a different matter.

5.HELP each other don’t JUDGE each other. As mothers no matter where you are from, what race you are, what religion you are we have a bond. It dosen’t matter if you know that person in real , through social media or it’s just a stranger we all know what it is like to be a mother and that will never change so instead of beating on each other lets try build each other up and if you see someone struggling in real life or on social media just reach out to that person and see if they want a chat they might not but if they know you are going to listen to them and not judge them they might reach out to you when they need a little support and if we can all do that for each other then the rest of society loses.

That is all I’ve got for you today if you can think of anymore drop me a comment below.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love



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