5 things I wish others Knew about me!

I think this is a good thing to answer because if I’m not talking about my mental health I’m talking about parenting which makes sense as they are two of the biggest parts of my life but I feel like that is all that people see when they look or talk to me now so I thought I would tell you 5 things that you may or may noy know about me.

1. I am an honest person. I always have been an honest person sometimes brutally honest but it is out of the good of my heart. If something dosen’t suit someone and they ask for my opinion I will tell them the truth, if I don’t like the way somebody is being treated or spoken to I will tell them. If you ask for my opinion on any subject I’m going to give you an honest answer so if you don’t want the truth don’t ask me the question.๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜˜

2. I’m in debt. I was in shit loads of debt but at the beginning of this year I had to get a debt relief order which if you don’t know what that is it is basically a mini form of bankruptcy and the only person who knows about it is Lee. It was an extremely difficult desicion but at at the end of the day we had no choice there was no way we was going to be able to pay off the debt and we was getting final demands so my support worker at the time helped us get it all in place. This has made things easier but we still struggle to get on top of our bills but there is only so many times you can ask people for money before you feel like a complete waste of space and a total drain on society. The reason I never spoke about this before is because I was ashamed but at the end of the day you have to do what is best for our little family and at this time in our life this is what we have had to do. This will affect me for the next 6 years of my life but it had to be done!

3. I am a photography fan. I used to absolutely love photography it was my way of escaping and seeing the world in a different way but I lost my passion for it to be honest I lost my passion for everything but Milly has recently taken a shine to having her photo taken with the camera and I need to get practise in before we go on holiday I don’t want to be messing up those photo’s.

4. I love all things DISNEY! I am sure some of you will already know this but yes I am a Disney addict I hold my hands up to it. I always have been and always will be.

5. My family is everything! Not just my little family of Lee and Milly but my mum and dad, My brother, his fiancee Marina, my Grandma, Lee’s mum and brothers , my aunty and Uncle. To be honest I don’t class Lee’s family as Lee’s family I just class them as my family and I am very protective of my family so if anyone hurts or upsets my family I take as a personal attack on myself and I can promise you they will regret it.

That is 5 things I think you should now about me. As always I have been totally honest because keeping things inside just makes me so much worse but I also struggle to open up about myself or any problems I have face to face so this is my way of doing that.

Basically this is my private journal that is not so private as everyone on the internet can read it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read it means a lot and I hope this helped you learn a little more about me than you did.

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Love to you all



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