GRIEF: Grandad I remember our favourite movie…

We didn’t watch actual movies with my Grandad as when we did watch movies that was more something we did with Grandma Whilst my Grandad watched sports.

What I do remember tho is watching home videos with my Grandad he was always the one recording and doing the description of the video which always made me laugh.

The videos would always start with something to do with the garden wether it was my grandma planting plants or the new lawn being put down or the new porch being built but now I realise it was because they did it all themselves so they was proud of it but obviously at the time of watching them I used to always joke with him about there being more footage of the garden than of us.

The videos are really funny tho especially when my grandma filmed my Grandad because he always used to forget that it was a video camera so he just used to stand there and then you hear my Grandma saying “Jack it’s a moving camera move around” so my Grandad just starts walking around randomly but that is exactly what he was like. He was such a joker but so loving at the same time, he was a proud man but also didn’t care about what people thought about him and nobody came before his family especially My Grandma.

If you could watch the home videos you would instantly know what meant the world to him and it was my Grandma she was always 1st then I would say the garden 😂 I’m joking 2nd was my brother and me and then the rest of the family I mean I wouldn’t put them 3rd maybe 2nd.5 😂

I guess that answers that question!

Thanks for reading.

Love you all



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