I’m at my maximum OVERLOAD!

Over the past few days my mental health has been getting worse and worse but I’m still trying to stay ontop of the housework, the washing, parenting and the bills when I can and it’s all too much!

I am literally at my maximum overload I honestly think if one more thing gets thrown at me no matter how big or small or Milly throws one more tantrum I am either going to explode with anger or breakdown in tears or maybe botb I just don’t know!

I’m not coping well at the moment I don’t know why I can’t just cope with normal life like everyone else does. Well I do know why it’s because I have BPD and it makes my life a living hell.

I think other people don’t understand this illness because it is a confusing illness to live with nevermind watching someone you love or care about suffer with it.

I’ve heard this quotevefore and I think it is a really good way of describing BPD and when Milly gets older I think this is how I am going to describe my changes in mood to Milly.

“Somedays I have tigger days, other days I have Eeyore days and sometimes I I have a bit of both days”

Is that not the best way to describe this illness to a child, well to anyone really as everyone knows how tigger behaves and how Eeyore behaves.

So that’s how my day has been today! I know today is World Mental Health Day so I will definitely be doing a post on that shortly so keep your eyes out for that post!

Thanks for reading



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