World Mental Health Day! My views!

I am going to be honest as I always am. I didn’t actually realise that this day actually existed and I do feel a bit bad about it as I am someone who does suffer so badly with their mental health I feel I should have known about today but I will know from now on.

I think a day to bring awareness to mental health is GREAT! and I have no problem with that but what I don’t like and it happens with any kind of day that creates awareness and this may be brutal but I I do think that people who don’t usually care about people with mental health will share something to do with it just to get likes on their social media.

Then I also know that any publicity is good publicity and the only way we will end the stigma against mental illness is to get people talking about their own experiences.

I do think it is so brave of people to speak out about their own personal battles with mental illness but I also know that it is incredibly difficult but the more people who can share their story the more chance we have of ending the stigma towards us.

This is just my opinion tho and I am not trying to upset anyone but what annoys me is on days like today everybody always says “if you need to talk I’m always here, I’m not going to judge” but you know that’s a lie because you have tried turning to those people at your lowest point and they either totally ignore you , read the message and ignore you or reply but tell you that it’s normal to feel that way and that everyone has those days and that just makes the situation worse.

On flip side tho some people on social media are incredible they don’t wait for you to ask for help they see it in your post and reach out to you and I would like to say I do my best to be in that category.

Thanks for reading you lovely and supportive people.

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