10 things I have learnt since becoming a parent!

This should be a really easy one to answer as when you become a parent you learn so much about this tiny thing that you are now responsible for and you learn so much about yourself also, but for some reason I am struggling to think of anything to write!

1. Being a parent is the hardest job in the WORLD! and that is not an exaggeration but unless you have your own child/ children you can’t understand how difficult it actually is to raise a decent human being that go’s from being dependant on you for everything to slowly becoming their own little person that starts to rely on you less and less but that just depends on the child.

2. Your relationship WILL be tested! It dosen’t matter how strong you think your relationship is before you have a baby when that baby arrives and as it is growing up I promise you that relationship will be put to the test and it will take some fight to keep that relationship together but it is possible me and Lee and many other couples with young babies and children are proof of that. Thankfully!!

3. You have more patients than you will ever know. From the moment they are born they are programmed to test your patience but it gets worse the older they get because they know exactly what buttons to press! But somehow even though you want to scream at the top of your voice and punch something so hard (not the child) you don’t because all tho that child has pissed you off to the maximum it is still your child that looks up to you at the end of the day.

4.That something so small can take up so much space in your heart! As you all know from previous posts me and Milly didn’t start out feeling this way about each other but know I feel she takes up that much space in my heart she is the reason my heart still beats everyday.

5.Formula costs a lot of money! As I couldn’t breastfeed but that isn’t the point the point is formula started off costing us £9.80 or something like that and when we startedweaning Milly of it at a year old cost £11.00 like as if as parents we don’t have enough to worry about nevermind adding on top of that the worry about not being able to afford to feed your baby and apparently the reason it went up is because the government taxed it to encourage more people to breastfeed which isn’t fair on people who choose to bottle feed in general but especially not people who can’t breastfeed due to health problems. Why would you target people just because of the way they choose to feed your baby?

6. You will be judged! This judgment is different to any kind of judgement you have ever recived and if you are struggling with your baby and you are not feeling that confident as a parent at first the judgement will hurt but as you get into the swing of parenting it gets easier and you no longer feel like you have to justify how you choose to parent and once you get to that point and you will I promise it gets easier to ignore the judgement but it will never stop as there will always be somebody out there who dosen’t agree with how you raise your child but that is OK!

7. You will ruin your child’s day many, many times. It dosen’t take much to ruin a toddlers day it could be you give them the wrong spoon, the colour plate, the wrong character on a cup, you could move something or their food could touch and this just not cause a little issue this literally causes world war 3 for the rest of the day. To combat this problem we put all Milly’s plates, cups and bowls all in a bottom draw in the kitchen and whenever she eats or wants a drink we ask her to go and choose which one she wants and it seems to work so thats just a little tip for you there.

8. You will have kids programmes on your TV from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep! Of course Milly does not just sit in front of the TV all day! She plays and does other things but if you turn that TV over onto something that is not Paw Patrol, Bing ,Peppa Pig or YouTube you may as well have signed your death warrant 😂😂

9. Your house will never be tidy again! I can promise you now when they are first born you are going to be this mummy who constantly keeps a tidy house well as soon as they can get around that will change 😂 you will try keep a tidy house but your toddler will constantly destroy it that is a FACT! Don’t get me wrong my house is not dirty it is clean but it is not the tidiest it has ever been but it is a tidy mess if that makes sence lol! It took me a long time to come terms with that fact but it will send you crazy if you don’t.

10. It will take you a good three hours to actually leave the house! Ok so that might be a slight exaggeration but you will no longer be able to leave the house within 5 minutes anymore it will take you a minimum of at least half an hour before you can actually even attempt to leave the house once you have got their shoes on, their coat on and god help you if you have to put on hat and gloves because that adds at least an extra 10 minutes so you have to become very good at time management we still haven’t mastered that yet as we are always late!

Thats my top 10 things I have learnt as a parent so far. What is your number 1 thing you have learned as a parent?

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