GRIEF: The first time I ever met my Grandad!

I mean I can’t exactly remember exactly the 1st time we met but I am pretty sure it would have been either the 1st day I was born or maybe the day after but I don’t exactly have any memory of this situation obviously 😂

I have this photo well I don’t have it but I have seen it and I think it was taken around Christmas time so would have been about 4 months old but I am sat on my grandad’s knee and I am looking up at him in total admiration and he was looking down at me with the biggest smile on his face and that was me at 4 months old so that admiration and love for him just grew every single day from then onwards.

So the heart break is just unbearable most days so I try to avoid it ,which is impossible so that is why I have started to write a little bit about it in my blog.

I guess this is my way of trying to come to some sort of sence of what happened to my strong and amazing Grandad.

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