GRIEF: The things I miss the most about my Grandad!

I mean I miss everything about my Grandad but if I left it at that this would be a short post.

So instead of leaving it at that I thought I would do the top 5 things I miss about my Grandad the most.

1. His Voice! My Grandad had a voice that showed exactly how he was feeling. So when he was excited his voice became higher and louder, When he was sad his voice cracked, When he was angry (which wasn’t very often and when he was angry it was usually about someone else upsetting or hurting his family. His voice was so calming and I just miss it so much. What I wouldn’t do to hear his voice again!

2. His Hugs! I can’t describe what my Grandad’s hugs was actually like but for some reason when he had you wrapped in those long arms of his squeezing you so tight you could barely breathe but somehow it felt like the safest place in the world in that moment and I wish now that I hadn’t pushed him off after 5 seconds everytime he hugged me because now I would do anything for one of his hugs again!

3. His Smile! His Smile was one of the warmest smiles I have seen and I am so lucky I got to see so many of his smiles. His smile was one of the most contagious smiles when he smiled no matter who it was at they would smile back without a second thought. What I wouldn’t do to see that smile one more time.

4. His bad jokes! He used to tell the worst jokes but they wasn’t his jokes they was usually the jokes that his friends from the Masons had told him or emailed him and I mean they was terrible but the way my grandad told them some how made them funny. What I wouldn’t do to hear one more of those bad jokes.

5. His ability to get everyone drunk without them realising. He always wanted everyone to have a good time and he would top your drink up without you noticing when my Grandad was around your glass was always full. What I wouldn’t do to have one last drunken celebration with my Grandad.

That is my top five things I miss about my Grandad and the last one on the list is only on there because My Grandad loved Nothing more than having the whole family around him celebrating something or nothing but if we was all there that was a celebration in my grandad’s eyes.

I don’t know why I felt I had to justify my list to you all but I did.

Thanks for reading it really does mean so much to me.

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