5 programmes that parent’s hate and kids love!

So of course this is based on my opinion but after speaking with Lee and other parents I feel like we are all on the same level πŸ˜‚

1. Peppa Pig – This is mine and many others most hated kids program for 3 reasons. Number 1 it is super annoying, Number 2 there are like 100 episodes and they last like 10 minutes each so you are forever downloading new episodes and Number 3 there eyes are on the same side of there heads .πŸ˜‚ We didn’t actually allow Milly to watch Peppa pig until we got her a kids fire tablet for her 2nd birthday and the episodes are preloaded so you can’t remove it so she ended up watching it on there first and now she asks for it on the TV!

2. Bing. – There are so many mixed views on Bing but a lot of people agree that Bing is really naughty and flop never disciplines him like on one episode he runs in front of a swing that Pando is on because he wants a turn but instead of him getting told off at the end of the episode they just say “it’s a Bing thing” no matter what it is I swear if he murdered someone they would just be like oh well it’s just a Bing thing. Another thing where are their actual parents as because flop and that are just like weird knitted things that look after them but they are like a 3rd of the size of the characters they are supposed to be looking after.

3. Something Special with Justin Fletcher I don’t really hate this because I do think its educational at least I jus find it So annoying but I think that is because Milly watches it over and over again she won’t just watch one episode and it drives me nuts.

4. Hey Duggie – I just don’t get it the teacher is a dog that dosen’t even speak but the other animals still manage to earn badges for stupid things and then there parents come pick them up but at least they have parent’s.

5. Paw Patrol- The ONLY reason this is on the list is because Milly loves it so much we have to watch the same episodes over and over. I actually get excited when a new episode comes out as at least we haven’t watched it. Another thing that I don’t like is because it is so popular the toys are really overpriced and I get that that’s just buisness but it makes it hard on parents who don’t have much money which means that our kids miss out so I think they need to make a more affordable range of toys and a movie. Another thing where are Ryder’s parents??

What is it with all these kids programmes and the lack of any parents? I mean they had to come from somewhere right? you know maybe just a phone call so we know they actually exist!

What is your worst kids programme and why?

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Love to you all



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