What I love about life?

I feel like at this moment in time this probably isn’t the best question to answer as I’m not really loving life right now, so this one is going to be tricky.

I love that we have the most supportive family even when shit hits the fan for us which seems to happen a lot they are all there for us both emotionally and financially and if we didn’t have that support from both sides I honestly don’t know where we would be but I do know it would be in an even worse place than I am now which I didn’t think was possible.

I love that not only my on my blog but on my instagram aswell I have met some amazing people who struggle with not just the same illness’s as I do but just want to show me some support when I am either at a really bad low or they want to celebrate with me they always reach out and I do the same for them and we have never met we can just relate with no judgement and in a wold that constantly judges us that is a nice feeling.

I love that I have someone so special to me, who always stands by me and helps me through the worst times and celebrates the good times with me too. I am so lucky to have Lee.

I love that we have Milly she can be extremely hard work but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

So that is what I love about life. Not much but the things I do love I love with all my heart.

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Thanks for reading

Love you all



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