GRIEF: One thing you did that made me laugh Grandad.

I mean this is a hard one to answer because my Grandad did so many things to make me laugh that choosing just one thing is going to be really hard.


The thing that pops into my straight away was I think at either my brother’s leaving do or when he came over from America for a week and we went for a family meal and we was ordering dessert no that is wrong we was looking at the dessert menu and instead of just passing the dessert menu to my dad like any “normal” person he somehow managed to spin it whilst throwing it and it ended up flying through the gap in the wall nearly decapitating the poor couple that was sat on the other side of the gap but the best partwas he made my dad go pick it up so it it totally looked like he had done itand me, lee and my Grandad just couldn’t stop laughing.

I feel like you had to be there to appreciate how funny it actually was but that is why it is is one of the many stories I have of when my Grandad made me laugh.

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Love to you all



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