10 hopes I have for Milly’s future.

I’m going to start this list from near future to distant future as I feel that makes the most sense instead of just doing a random list like I usually do to make you work harder than necessary 🤣 Your welcome.😘

1. I hope she starts sleeping through the night. For some reason Milly will not sleep through the entire night. I mean I am fine if she wakes up for a wee or a bottle and go’s back to sleep but the night’s where she screams for no reason other than she dosen’t want to go back to bed and that is when we have a problem.

2. I hope she starts eating more. This does worry me somedays because she eats very little and moves so much that surely she isn’t getting what she needs. I mean I do give her vitamins every night and she is happy so I guess that’s fine.

3.I hope she grows 6cm in time for Christmas. The reason for this is so she can go on most of the rides at Disney World. I’m hopeful but doubtful because Milly is very slow at growing but there will be plenty of rides she can go on no matter what.

4. I hope she stays active. Milly is a really active toddler I mean obviously I don’t expect her to stay as active as she is now but I really hope she keeps her love of sport. I may not be saying this when I have to stand out in the freezing cold but I will do it! (Maybe not every weekend) lol

5. I hope she makes friends. I have had a massive impact in Milly not having any friends because I can’t take her anywhere so I really hope when she starts pre school in April she will make lots of friends and isn’t scared of them.

6. I hope she knows how much we love her. She should do we tell her all the time I just hope that she never forgets that when she needs to know it the most.

7. I hope she knows she can always talk to us about anything. I just want her to know she can come to us no matter what the problem is we will always support her even if it upsets us or makes us angry at first we would never leave her to get through it on her own.

8. I hope she is Happy. I mean of course she won’t always be happy but if she can be happy most of the time then that’s all I can ask for.

9. I hope she never has to suffer the mental hell I do. I really hope she never suffers with her mental health the way I do. I hope that it is not genetic as I don’t think I would forgive myself for giving her these problems.

10. I hope she always loves herself. Not in a look at me kind of way but just in a way that she is comfortable in herself and the way she is and the way she looks won’t change to please others or the voices in her head that I hope she never ever gets.

So this was a really easy one for me to answer tonight, unusually. But Milly is my world and I just want her to love herself, her life and her family and know that whatever happens in her life as long as we are alive we will always be there for her!

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe 😘


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