GRIEF: How I felt when I was around you Grandad…

Whilst I’m sat here drinking my cold mug of coffee thinking about you and how my grandad made me feel whenever I was around him, I can feel my eyes starting to fill up with tears because I can’t put into words what it feels like to live without him in my life.

My Grandad made me feel so safe that I never wanted to leave his side.

He made me feel so loved that I could physically feel it.

He called me his Princess and he treated me like onebut my Grandma was his Queen and still is that will never change even tho he is no longer here.

He made me feel drunk on quite a few occasions. 🤣

He made me feel proud to be his grandaughter.

He made me feel like no matter what I had done or needed I could always rely on him and I could.

He made me feel that no matter how well I did at school ,in exams or at life it didn’t matter because I had my family and that is all that matters.

He made me feel that I had chosen the love of my life and so far he is right!

He made me feel so full from the day I met him (I was a baby so that may be a slight exaggeration but from the moment he died that fullness drained from me he left me feeling empty, heartbroken, lost, angry and hurt and do you know what I still feel that two and a half years on!

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Love to you all




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