What is something I have overcome?

How the hell do I answer this question? Was the first thing that popped into my head when I first saw it but I guess I must have overcome something in my 25 years of life. Mustn’t I? Have I? I’m really not sure if I have!

Ok so I have just thought of something but I wouldn’t say I have totally overcome it but I am definitely getting better at doing this thing.

I have started going out in the car by myself not very far but a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have even got in the car especially not on my own.

Now I will drive to rhe shop or to my mum and dad’s which is about a 10 minute drive but before I wouldn’t have even driven that far so I guess that is some sort of progress.

I know to a lot of people this is not a big deal but for me a person who suffers horribly with an anxiety disorder and on top of that BPD which makes the anxiety symptoms even worse this is a big deal.

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Love to you all



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