GRIEF: The little things that meant a lot Grandad!

I wish my Grandad was here so I could tell him all the little things he used to do that I probably took for granted that meant so much to me and now looking back I would do anything for him to do those little things again.

One of the things I miss is as soon as I used to walk through the door well I didn’t even get chance to walk through the door before I even stepped in the door he would throw his arms around me which at the time I used to be like “ok Grandad let go now” if I got that chance now I would NOT say that!

My Grandad always used to slip me £20 but in the most obvious way because he didn’t like to see me struggle and of course I do miss the help but I miss the humour of the situation more.

Something he used to do when me and my brother was younger he used to break up Kitkats and put them in middle of the bowl and then cheese slices around the edge and I know it sounds weird but it was just something he did and I miss it.

He used to send me funny emails but he also just used to send me emails to see how I was and if we was on holiday he used to email to make sure we was ok and I would send him photos. I used to get emails from him quite a lot so that is something I really miss and really did mean a lot.

Thats all I’m going to write about this subject today as am not feeling great so to carry on talking about it isn’t the best idea

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Love to you all




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