GRIEF: Our favourite place Grandad?

So when I first thought about this two places popped into my little head one was my Grandma and Grandads house as I spent so much time there it was my second home and then the 2nd place was the Christmas Dinner at the Masonic lodge and I have a lot of happy memories from there also.

I don’t think I can pick between them because My Grandad loved being a part of the Mason’s , he loved being a part of the brotherhood and they loved him so it was always such a warm and happy event ad of course My Grandad was the star of the show I am just glad Lee got to experience it whilst my Grandad was still alive because the last two wasn’t the same without him laughing, joking and singing Christmas carols at the top of his voice.

We still go for my Grandma and my Grandad would still want us to go he would have loved to have seen Milly go up to Santa tbh he would have probably taken her .

Then saying that my Grandma and Grandad’s house has a special place in my heart and always will because that was the last place I saw my Grandad alive.

We had and have so many happy memories there and I am so glad that lee got to be a part of those to before my Grandad passed away.

I used to spend so much time there that even over two years on I still find going there extremely hard and not many people know how hard it is for me to walk into that house as soon as I walk through the door I feel like I have been punched in the gut, when I walk into the living room the last place I saw my Grandad was sat in his chair that he always sat in but he was so frail but still so strong.

So I didn’t think that was the last time I would have seen him but it was so when I look at that chair it breaks my heart because that is where he should be sat! I do sit in that chair for that exact reason because I just want to feel close to him but I don’t feel like that anymore I just feel empty when I sit on that chair and I think that is worse!

The reason I put there house on here is because they loved that home, they worked hard for that house to be their dream home and they where proud of it and we grew up in that house so it will always be a special house to me and I will be sad when my Grandma sells it but it is too big for her to manage even with help so I understand why she has made that decision but that is all I have of my Grandad so losing that last peice of him is going to be heartbreaking but I would never tell my Grandma that as she needs our support with this big change not negativity

So those are my favourite places I spent with my Grandad I couldn’t choose between them and I think the rest of my family would have the same difficulties especially my older brother Dave because no matter what we was doing or how old we got we never missed a Mason’s Christmas Dinner and we both visited every week separately but we still visited well until he moved to America but I feel good enough reason lol but I know he attempted to Skype but thats another story 🤣 and still rings my Grandma a lot.

Thanks for reading ! You amazing people are the reason I continue to write my blog so Thank you for your support. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy reading my posts 😘

Love to you all


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