What are some of the kindest things I can do for myself ?

We all know that we need to be kinder to ourselves, take time out for ourselves but do we do it NO!

I know that I don’t do it but the reason why I don’t do it is because I don’t feel I deserve it.

I’m going to write 5 things that I should do to be kinder to myself and try and actually do them.

1. Stop blaming myself for things I can’t control! I blame myself for literally everything bad that happens because I believe it is my fault and I am just a curse on #life.

2. Stop feeling guilty for being so exhausted I barely get anything done! Unfortunately people don’t believe mental illness is not just mentally exhausting but physically exhausting to and it can take everything just to get out of bed to go downstairs and lie on the sofa and even tho I can’t help it I feel so guilty for not doing things that need to be done and I need to try change that somehow!

3. Take time out for myself! I never take time out for myself because my life revolves around Milly and Lee and I just don’t take time out for myself mainly because I’m too anxious to leave the house by myself so the only thing I can do is in the house but Milly is always around so the time I have is when she is in bed but then I am constantly listening out for her crying so it’s not exactly taking time out.

4. Start colouring again! I mainly stopped beacuse I finished my colouring book but I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment but I need to try get something to focus on so I need to get a new Disney colouring book.

5. Start taking photos again using my proper camera. I used to be so into photography but I just lost my love for everything and trying to get it back isn’t easy be we are going to Disney World soon and I really want to capture some amazing photos on this once in a lifetime trip!!

That is the five things I want/ need to work on to be kinder to myself.

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Love to you all as always




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