What are my victories this week?

So how do I go about answering this one do I do it from last Tuesday to this Tuesday or do I just do it for yesterday and today, either way it is going to be a short post because I’m not known for being victorious. I’m known for being a failure so bare with me on this!

So I have decided I am going to do a victory from each day starting last Tuesday no matter how big or small it is in your opinion it is to me it is massive…

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 ???

Ok change of plan because I actually can’t even think what I did a week ago never mind think of a victory so that plan is out of the window 🤣

So my new plan is…… I have no clue what my new plan is …. advice anyone? Oh wait that won’t work as then I would have to publish this post before I write it so unless I have a time machine (which I don’t btw ) that plan is out of the window to!! Aaahhh send help!

So I have decided I am going to do Sunday up until today as that’s about as far back as I canremember 🤣 (Thats not even a joke)

Sunday 28th October 2018 – my victory was… wait for it…. sorting Milly’s clothes out f working out what fits and what dosen’t and needs sending to the charity shop… I mean that was so worth the wait right?

Monday 29th October 2018 – I cleaned the downstairs of my house. (I just read that back and it makes it sounds like we have a massive house we don’t we have two rooms downstairs and 3 upstairs ) but I can’t deal with cleaning the whole house just thinking about it stresses me out and after doing two rooms I’m done and to some people you might think that’s lazy but mentally I’m constantly exhausted and physically it dosen’t take long before my body becomes just as exhausted as my mind. So yes for me cleaning two rooms in my house is a victory!

Today – Tuesday 30th October 2018 – So today was the first day in ages that I have actually made an effort with my make-up. I was going to say hair and make-up but all I did was tie my hair up so I feel that dosen’t really count or does it.. I will let you decide on that one? Also we had a goal to get Milly some new shoes today and my anxiety was through the roof but with the support of Lee , Milly and Lee’s mum we did it and we got her shoes so that was a definite victory.

That is all I have for you today because like I said before I am a failure most of the time so I’m suprised I managed 3 to be honest but as always thanks for sticking with me and reading until the end.

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Love to you all as always



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