When should kids get their first phone?

I am quite old fashioned when it comes to this subject because in my opinion I really don’t think a kid needs a phone until they are starting high school and even then I don’t think they need a top of the range Samsung or Iphone just a cheap shitty phone will do that they can text and call on and that’s about it.

I just don’t think a 10 or 11 year old needs the newest phone they should be outside playing with your friends Instead of just talking to them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I mean the only time I would consider getting Milly a phone before starting high school would be if she started walking home from school without an adult then I would think about it but like I said before I wouldn’t be an expensive phone because I just don’t think it’s needed.

I’m not stupid I know that a lot of kids will have mobile phones before that but in my opinion it’s just not needed.

Don’t get me wrong Milly has a tablet but when she gets older if she starts staying in just to play on her tablet or her daddy’s PlayStation then we will be setting time limits because I do think it is so important for them to actually socialise in person and play out in the fresh air!

I went off subject as usual so to end this post I want your opinion on this subject. Do you agree with me or not?

What age do you think a child should get a phone?

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Love to you all




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