GRIEF:Everyday memories of you Grandad!

I don’t exactly know what this is wanting me to write really. Is it asking me what I remember everyday or is it asking about like memories that arn’t overly exciting but are memories that stand out.

My Grandad’s mash this is what I have always rated other peoples mash against because he used to make the best mash. Lee scores quite high on the grandad mash scale.

Driving my Grandad used to make me laugh when he used to drive because he always used to say “I will stop driving when I can’t see anymore” and I used to say “I would maybe stop before then Grandad” and he would always reply ” I test myself every year and so far I’ve passed everytime”

Leaves isn’t it strange how little things trigger memories like now it has come to autmn and all the leaves falling I can just picture my Grandad outside in his thick coat and my grandma playing pop with him for not wearing his hat and gloves and then him putting them on and heading back out to make sure the drive was clear of leaves. He was very proud about things like that!

Poppies With it coming up to remembrance day for all our fallen soldiers it reminds me that every year my Grandad would stand out in the freezing cold to raise money for the Charity as it was very close to his heart!

Socks This is a weird one but I always remember him telling me off everytime I visited their house for not wearing socks because my feet will get cold and him going upstairs and getting me some socks even tho I didn’t want any but I didn’t get a choice lol

Thats all that springs to mind right now but five will do.

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Love to you all!



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