Why I don’t attend baby classes/mummy groups!

The answer to this is mainly because of my anxiety so I don’t want to meet new people especially not new mummy’s because out of all the judgy people in this world other mummys are the worst!

Also in our area there is only one toddler group and that is on a Friday morning and as my mum can’t always make that because she has to work so then we don’t go because I just can’t go by myself.

Third reason is Milly dosen’t like other children I guess that is because we don’t go to places where she can interact with other children so if we do go to a group Milly just play’s by herself or with us so I don’t see the point going.

Fourth reason I find groups like these very clicky and if you don’t start when your baby is first born you are like an outsider and I don’t think you will ever be brought into the group, well that is my opinion anyway.

I’m not trying to put anyone off from going to these groups because a lot of people get a lot out of these groups they are just not for me thats all but I would say don’t write it off go to one and see how you feel just remember they are not for everyone so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel it is right for you and your little one!

That’s all I have got for you on this subject. I hope it was ok and thanks so much for reading.

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Love to you all



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