GRIEF: A colour that makes me think of you Grandad…

This is a really easy question to answer because a colour that makes me think of my Grandad is red and here is why:

The last time I saw my Grandad healthy and happy was on Christmas day 2015 which was four months before he passed away and he and my Grandma matched of course! And as it was Christmas they was both in red and I always loved that about them two.

It was a really good Christmas that year it was the first year we had both mine and Lee’s families together, I was 8 months pregnant at the time, we had a really good laugh and my Grandad managed to get Lee’s brother drunk on alcoholic dessert that he insisted didn’t have alcohol in it.. and pour red wine all down the back of my mum’s luckily Red dress as he got too excited (he loved Christmas) and then blamed my mum in his cheeky joking way 😂😂 – typical Grandad!!

I think that may be why I have found the last two Christmases so hard because my Grandad loved Christmas actually he just loved being around his family but I do think Christmas was his favourite time of year although I do think he would have preferred if it was warm at Christmas because he was deffintly a sun worshipper and I used to tell him off all the time for either not wearing it or wearing factor 5 and I was like what is that going to do Grandad but he didn’t care lol

So that is why I chose red because from that day on he just went down hill and that colour reminds of the happy time we had but yet it is still a colour that makes me sad of course because it was the last time I saw him truley happy because when Milly was born he came to the hospital to see Milly with my Grandma but now I look back at the photo’s I can see that he forced himself to come and see her even tho he probably felt dreadful because he loved us so much and couldn’t wait to see us all and meet Milly he pulled that strength out of nowhere to visit us in hospital because we didn’t know when we was going to be allowed to go home and from then onwards it was him who was in and out of hospital until the day he passed away!

Thanks for readinga.

What colour reminds you of a loved one you have lost?

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Love to you all



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