To nap or not to nap? that is the question!

I am of course talking about my toddler because I am really unsure what to do about Milly napping and I need some advice from other parents.

So let me talk you through the past two years that I have had with Milly 😂. So the day times she is reasonably good but she is definitely turning into a threenager even though she isn’t 3 for another two months so god help us when she is!

When Milly was younger she would have a nap between 1 and 3 and then go to bed about 6pm . Then as she got to about 2 years old she didn’t really want to nap so we went along with that but she was srillgoing to bed at 6- 6.30pm with no problems at all.

This past week she has been so difficult not so much during the day but she wakes up at about 4.30 – 5am and will not allow herself to nap until 4.30pm which obviously I don’t really want her to do but this is not an everyday occurrence it’s more like every few days.

So when that happens I have to push her bedtime back to around 8ish when I can tell she is tired and I will do her regular bedtime routine of toilet, teeth, book in bed and a bottle but she will scream , she will get out of bed, she will throw all her toys out of her room and about an hour or so later she will give in and go to sleep but she will still wake up at 4.30- 5am no matter what time she go’s to bed.

So of course she is tired but do I not let her nap and keep her bedtime consistent or do I llet her nap and work her bedtime around that. I honestly don’t know what to do!

Let me just make another point even if she has had no nap and go’s to bed at 6pm she will still get up and scream etc and this past week she even tries to make herself sick and this is a totally different Milly because from day one she has been such a good sleeper and I honestly don’t what has happened for her behaviour to have changed so drastically!

Is it something I am doing wrong? If it is what is it? because I need to know because this is not normal for Milly it really isn’t and I just want to make sure I am doing what is right for her and I don’t know if I am because if I am then why has her sleeping and behaviour changed so much is it because she see’s how unstable my mood is and it’s affecting her now. She spends most of her time with me so it must be something I am doing wrong!

Please help me! because if this could be the reason then I need to know so I can do something about it or is this just normal in a nearly three year old?

Thanks for reading you beautiful people.

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Love to you all



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