My top 5 most hated Christmas songs!

Seen as tho I have already told you my favourite Christmas songs so I though I would now fill you in in my worst Christmas songs!

There are not many Christmas songs I don’t like but these five songs I can’t stand!!:

1. In The Bleak Mid- Winter – Bert Jansch How this is a Christmas song I will never know but for some reason it is always put on Christmas CD’s . I swear this is the most depressing song ever! If you wasn’t already depressed you would be after listening to this song.

2. Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues I just find this song so annoying but in my opinion It’s a marmite song you either love it or hate it there is no inbetween. I am in the hate camp for both what about you?

3. O Come O Come Emmanuel – Lauren Daigle Another depressing song that for some reason I will not know is classed as a Christmas song. I thought Christmas was supposed to be a happy time but these songs would say different.

4. 2000 Miles – Pretenders I know this sounds awful but I can’t stand the singer’s voice it just go’s right through me and to be honest I’m not that keen on the song either.

5. Stop The Cavalry – Jona Lewie To be honest I don’t totally hate this song but I don’t like it either but I can tolerate it !

That’s all my friends! What is your most hated Christmas songs? Also don’t forget to tell me your favourite Christmas song on my previous post!

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! You will have an even better one now you know what songs to avoid ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Love to you all




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