All you need to know about Fastpassing at Disneyworld

We recently came back from Walt Disney world and I thought I would share some helpful tips about fastpassing that I wish I had either known or taken notice of before we went.

1. You can fastpass up to 30 days in advance! If you are visiting the parks at busy times of the year I would definitely take advantage of this as if you want to go on new or popular rides you are looking at a minimum of two hours wait. So if you are super organised and know what parks you want to do on what day then start booking those fastpasses! You can always cancel them if the ques arn’t that long and use it for something else!

2. Make sure you are all on one account for fastpassing! We made this mistake and spent two weeks all trying to get the same time for rides which was a real pain as we had to keep refreshing the times. I didn’t realise you can all be on one until the 3rd to last day. You can all have separate accounts you just have to invite them to be in your fastpass party.

3. Get the My Disney Experience App I’m not going to lie it’s not the best app but it makes fastpassing a lot easier so I would definitely recommend downloading the app as it also shows you wait times. The wifi at the parks is very intermittent so I suggest doing your fastpassing at your hotel/ apartment to start with.

4. Link your tickets to the app before you go! We spent nearly a day trying to link our park tickets to the app but because we wasn’t staying at a Disney resort and didn’t have a magic band we couldn’t link them on the app we had to do it on the actual website which then adds your tickets to the app for fastpassing and other things.

5. You can use more than 3 fastpasses per day. We did not know this until we got home which is kind of annoying but how it works is you start with 3 fastpasses for the day but once you have used those three you then get another one and once you have used that one you get another and then that just continues throughout the day. So if you do the three you most want to go on once you have used those in the park connect to the wifi and fastpass something else that’s what we would have done if we had known … oh well we know for next time!

6. Fastpass popular character meets at busy times! I would definitely recommend fastpassing your favourite characters if you want to see them unless you are prepared to wait hours which with a nearly 3 year old wouldn’t have gone down well.

7. You have an hour slot to use your fastpass. The thing with having an hour slot is if another fastpass comes up within that hour you can’t select both you have to choose one even if it is at the end of the hour it will still make you choose.

These are some tips that I have learnt whilst I was out there and I thought I would pass them onto you all to hopefully make your trip as smooth as possible.

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Love to you all




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