What do I need to get off my chest Today?

Today I was hurt by a family member not physically but emotionally, this family member I have loved and admired my whole life but today she changed I don’t know why but she was against everything I said and she snapped at Lee over things that had nothing to do with her.

So as you all know we are getting married on the 30th December 2019 and I thought this family member would be really excited and want to talk about the wedding but she didn’t everything I said she didn’t like or didn’t agree with.

Like obviously I am having a winter wedding she dosen’t like the fact I’m having a winter wedding as it will cold even tho I told her it was going to all be inside, my idea for the cake she didn’t like, the fact that I don’t want the groom’s family at one side and the brides at the other I just want everyone sat together. Oh and the fact that Lee will have more family there but that is our choice I want who I want from my side and Lee wants who he wants it’s our wedding and we will invite who we want. She also threw in our face about my mum and dad helping out with the wedding I mean first of all that is tradition and second of all it has nothing to do with her or Anyone!!

Basically everything I said I was thinking about for the wedding she just didn’t like so I just stopped talking about it and we left shortly after as this is supposed to be something special and happy and I just felt so hurt because this is something I actually can’t wait for and I am actually happy about and it’s like she dosen’t want to see me happy or excited and I honestly don’t know why but it’s put a massive downer on planning our wedding.

Although I am so hurt buy everything this family member said we will do our wedding how we want to do it, it’s our day and if they don’t like it and want to be miserable well that’s there choice. I gave them an option to talk about the wedding and I just ended up being upset so I won’t be involving them in anything to do with the wedding planning including dress shopping because I want a dress that I love and I feel good in not what others like and then I feel pressured and get married in a dress that I hate and I’m easily pressured so I’m not putting myself in this situation.

I think what’s hurt me the most is that like I said this family member has been a massive part of my life from being a baby and now we are actually planning something happy and she couldn’t have been more negative.

I’m I fighting back the tears as I am writing this? Yes! Will we plan the wedding we want? Yes!

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Love to you all




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