Update on Potty training!

I’m not going to lie I can’t remember exactly when we started properly potty training Milly but I think it was around 4 months ago and she is honestly smashing it.

It has taken time tho I’m not going to pretend it happened over night or that it was plain sailing as it wasn’t.

I think what did help tho is waiting until Milly was ready because we tried a few times before and it was just a disaster and that is because she just wasn’t ready at all.

We started off with just a few accidents when she was concentrating and sometimes that does still happen but very rarely and usually if she falls asleep for a few hours which can’t be helped.

Getting her to poop on the potty well that took longer a lot longer. I’m going to say she pretty much mastered weeing within the first week or so but pooing on the potty or toilet I would say probably took a good month and even then it wasn’t consistent it was more in her pants than on the toilet but we kept going and instead of getting angry we just explained to her that she needs to tell us if she needs a poo.

Like I said we are into our fourth maybe fifth month and Milly only now wears pullups for bed as she dosen’t have that control yet. But within this past month she now pulls her pants down and go’s for a wee on her potty without help and usually she tells us if she needs a wee or a poo and 9 times out of 10 she will go.

Unless we are out then she will say she needs a wee at every single toilet just so she can go look at it or flush it so she usually only wee’s once or twice when we are out but we visit the toilets about 20x as we can’t risk it and she 100% knows this and plays on it.

I always take a change of clothes because you never know when an accident could happen because they do and obviously we don’t want Milly to stay in wet clothes because that would be awful.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes it is hard to stay calm when you have cleaned up wee or poo like 3+ times but you have to just try and remember they are just learning. They have gone from being able to wee and poop whenever and wherever they wanted as the nappy would catch it to having to now learn that they can’t do that anymore abd have to use the potty and toilet.

One of the best tips I have for you is aswell as having a potty get a toddler seat for your actual toilet as it really helps them to feel safe on the toilet and makes them want to use it. We have one for Milly at every house we visit often so she is happy to use the toilet and it really does help.

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Love to you all




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