Our baby is starting playgroup!

This was a really hard descion for me to make and I didn’t make it lightly as Milly has been with me everyday for the past three years and I wasn’t sure how she would take going to playgroup.

We had kind of decided that we would put her in this April as I wasn’t sure she was quite ready when I put her name down back in October I think it was and I also thought she didn’t need to go as I am at home all the time and a child Who’s parent’s work could have the space as they would need it more but whilst we was on holiday I totally changed my mind!

I realised that it wasn’t about weather I worked or didn’t it was about Milly spending time with other children (which I have got in the way of because of my anxiety which still breaks my heart) , learning from them, hopefully making friends and growing in confidence and that is what she needs now and that is what she wants.

She asks me every day “me play with boy girls” or she will say “me playpoop” meaning playgroup and I say no not today but now when she asks I can either say not not today but in 2 days or I can say yes in a few hours and her little face lights up and that is how I know we have made the right decision.

She hasn’t officially started yet she starts on Tuesday but this Friday she go’s for an hour where we leave her so she can start setteling in and we will meet her key worker aswell.

I like that at this playgroup they don’t have keyworker books they have an online thing called tapestry which is super secure and every week you get to see what she has been doing and how she is coming along and I love that idea. It’s still EYFS but it’s just a different way of doing things.

So at the moment she is doing to afternoons a week but if she loves it then we will think about putting her in for 3 afternoons a week as she gets funding for 5 sessions so we will just how it go’s and decide from there basically.

So that’s all for now but I will of course keep you updated on how she is getting on.

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Love to you all




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