My views on Family!

Let me just start by saying this is my opinion and some people will agree with it and some won’t but that’s just life, it would be a boring world if we always agreed with everyone!

The reason I actually thought about doing this post is because the other day I was sat going through our guest list for our wedding and it just made me realise that family isn’t about who shares your last name it is about who is there for you at your worst times and don’t just turn up to celebrate the good times or don’t turn up at all but have the same blood… to me that isn’t family!

To me family is people who check in even if its just a quick message or phone call to see how you are doing and not just expecting you to put in all the effort as phones work both ways!

To me family is people you can bicker with maybe even argue with but when you need them they turn up no matter what has gone on in the past they don’t just cut you off!

To me family is people who have been there your whole life no matter if they share your last name or not and I can give you the perfect example of this:

My mum and dad’s best friends Liza and Mike have been a part of my life since I was born. They have always been there they don’t live close to us but I knew if I ever needed them they would be there as soon as they could and I still feel that way know! They have been a consistant part of mine and my brother’s life which is why they are are near the top of the list and are of course invited for the whole boys. I have always classed them as my second mum and dad and there boys as my second brothers and always will.

Not everyone agrees with my thoughts on last names but that’s how I work and that is how I made my decision on who I want to come on my side of the family and people not like it but I only want people at my wedding who class as family, some arn’t officially family but may aswell be.

That’s all on this subject but I would love your opinions on it!

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Love to you all



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