Playgroup Update 01/03/2019

So I don’t know if you all remember that exactly one month today Milly started playgroup for two afternoons a week and I can proudly say that she absolutely loves it! If I am being honest so do I!

She is happy there she loves playing with all the boys and girls even tho she doesn’t speak at all at playgroup she asks me if she is going everyday even on the weekends and then gets upset when I say not today tommorow lol

She has been there exactly a month today and we have already increased her from two afternoons to three because she loves going and I love having 3 hours to myself to relax or get things done or a bit of both.

It would be different if she didn’t like it but she does as soon as I get her playgroup tshirt out of her wardrobe she gets so excited it’s no hurtful at all! lol

I said to milly jokingly “do you love playgroup more than mummy?” She said “yes” a part of me was laughing but the other part was crying. 🤣 No I’m only joking I’m so proud of how well she is doing and it is definitely bringing her out of her shell.

She may not talk much or at all at playgroup but she chats away to me and her daddy when we pick her up we can’t always understand her but her speach has come on massively.

So yeh playgroup is going well so far I think she has made some little friends but I don’t know for certain as all she says is that she plays with boys and girls lol

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to subscribe 😘

Thanks for reading as always!

Love to you all



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