What is going on with cancer research?

So yesterday I watched celebrity Bake off for Stand Up To Cancer which I think is just a UK charity but I’m not sure if I’m honest but what shocked me about it is that the odds of getting cancer is still one in two people that means half of the world’s population will get cancer! How insane is that?

So I thought I would do some research into the charity cancer research UK and I was suprised at how long it had actually been going.

It has been going for over 17 years which I really struggle with because according to the internet they make over £621 million pounds and that is just one charity that is supposed to help raise money to find new cures! but how in 2019 are the odds still so bad? If they are raising all this money on a yearly basis where is it actually going? I just don’t understand it!

So I did a bit more research on the subject and apparently only 61% of the donations actually get spent on finding a cure. So where does the rest of that money go?

I’ve had family members and friends suffer from cancer and for my grandad’s funeral instead of flowers we asked for donations to Cancer research and I know they fundraise like mad but what I don’t understand is why we are still losing the fight with cancer when there is so much money spent on research.

I’m not saying that they don’t do everything they can but what annoys me is the fact that only a percentage of the the money that is raised actually go’s where it is needed. But I guess that is the same with every charity… right?

I know there are so many charities that raise money for cancer so I just can’t get it out of my head that we should be so much further with finding a cure than we actually are! But don’t get me wrong I know we have some treatments that work amazingly but there is still not an actual cure for any of the many cancers that there is. Does that not make you think? Or is it just me? But I’m sure we can all agree that cancer Sucks!!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the rant but sometimes I just need to get these random things of my chest… well it is my blog at the end of the day!

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Love to you all




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