Lets talk mammograms and smear tests!

I can’t believe that in 2019 people are still afraid of talking about getting checked for cancer.

I understand that it is a bit embarrassing getting your private parts out for someone you have never met (I mean a nurse 🤣) but that five minutes of feeling embarrassed could literally save your life!

I had my first ever smear test this year and I won’t lie to you I did put it off for longer than I should have as I really had no idea what to expect or what I was walking into really and my head made it so much worse than it was. (No surprise there tho right?)

I will tell you exactly what happened and this all happened within 5 minutes no lie I was back home within ten minutes of leaving the house.

So you go into the room (obviously they don’t do it in the waiting room) they ask you a few questions basically your name, address and then a few personal questions, after that you lie on the bed with your pants off obviously but you are covered up, then a female nurse puts this like plastic thing in your vagina to keep it open and then she gets a like plastic sample stick thing and then literally takes a sample of cells and then that’s it and you will get your results with in two weeks and that is it.

So yes it is slightly embarrassing but by going through some slight awkwardness and a little discomfort (not pain just discomfort it’s totally different) is worth it when it can save your life and then if they do find anything they just go in and clip the nasty cancerous cells off and hopefully that’s the end but if not our NHS is amazing and will get you in for your treatment as soon as possible.

Mine was all clear tho thank god so I don’t have to have another for five years I think. It’s either five or three I can’t remember now!

Moving onto mammograms now I have never had a mammogram as they only start doing them from when you turn 50!

Now I really don’t understand this because surely if you need to have a smear test at 25 which I actually think should be lowered to 18 or at least 20 and then mammograms should definitely be lowered to at least 25 as 50 is far to late!

I know they say it’s because women over 50 are more at risk but I don’t think that is the real reason. I think that there just isn’t enough funding to go around so they have to make a cut off point but this is not official facts this is just my opinion.

The fact is they do need to lower the age of both screenings and they need to do it quick! Who agrees.

I thought I would tell you my experience so if you are concerned about getting your smear test hopefully this will help convince you to go get it over and done with!

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Love to you all




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