The trust fall Challenge!

So today me and Lee was messing around and dancing about with Milly and getting Alexa to play party songs from our childhood and we was doing the cha cha slide and I don’t remember it being so long! Bloody hell it was like a full on workout no wonder obesity wasn’t a big issue when we was younger we never stopped!

Anyway I went of track so Lee was spinning me and milly around and tipping us backwards well Milly because when he did it to me I went stiff and we just ended up in a heap on the floor this is when we ended up doing the trust fall.

If you don’t know what the trust fall is it is where one person stands behind the other and then you fall backwards and they have to catch you.

I trust Lee with my life when he is serious like if it was life and death but Lee is a joker and I just can’t let myself fall as I’m certain that he won’t catch me even tho he says he will so after about the 10th time I started to relax a little bit but not fully but trust is not something that comes easily to me especially when I can’t see what’s going on.

It’s not just Lee tho even if it was my dad or my mum I still couldn’t let myself just fall so I think that it’s something inside of me not the other person.

Like I said I just can’t let myself go as soon as I feel that falling sensation I become stiff and step back but it’s so hard so I have a challenge for you all:

Choose someone you would generally trust like your partner, your best friend or a family member and do a trust fall with them and get them to do it with you because Lee could do it easily but I couldn’t so I want to see what happens with others.

So once you have done it comment below with what happened did you do it or did you stop yourself falling? I really want to know!

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Love to you all as always




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