Top 5 conversations had with our toddler daily.

So these conversations are mainly with Milly and if you don’t for some reason know who Milly is she is my 3 year old daughter!

1. Do you need a wee? This is exactly how this conversation goes on a daily basis actually multiple times a day!

I say “Milly do you need a wee?” Milly responds “No”( everytime) Me “are you sure you don’t need a wee? Milly “No” me “no your not sure if you need a wee or no you don’t need a wee? Milly “no” then I say “are you sure because you look like you need a wee?” Then Milly says “no wee” so I usually then just say “well lets try wee on your potty” she either does a wee and then I say “I knew you needed a wee” or she doesn’t and I say “don’t wee on the floor because if you wee on the floor mummy will be cross. Use your potty okay? Or tell mummy and daddy and we will help you”

This is everyday and then if we are going out it goes like this “Milly we are going to see ….. do you need a wee? Milly “No!” “Milly please try have a wee!” Sits on potty for 0.5 seconds and says “no wee” get her ready to go and her strapped in her carseat and guess what she says “I need a wee” so then I have to get her out again sit her on her potty and what does she say “No Wee! And at this point I am like Aaaaaaahhhhh why did you say you needed a wee if you didn’t?? Now we are going to be late!!

Either one of these conversations happen everyday and generally 90% of the time she dosen’t wee but there is always that 10% chance that she does so we just can’t risk it.

Who else has this conversation with their toddler everyday!?

2. Look at this mess!

Milly “Mummy oh look mess” me “who made the mess Milly? Milly “me” so I then say to Milly “do you think we should clean it up” Milly’s response “No you do it” my response to that is “No I will help you tidy up but I am not doing it by myself” Milly then thinks about it and says “ok I help”

It dosen’t always go like that it can also turn into a massive tantrum and milly doing 3 minutes time out in her room but it just depends on the day well actually the hour lol. I’m sure you fellow parents understand.

3. I’m hungry

Milly comes downstairs for breakfast and instantly informs me “mummy I’m hungry” so as always I say to her “okay what do you want?” Her instant response “chckn nuggets chips” my response to that “no Milly you can’t have chicken nuggets and chips for breakfast” Milly starts whinging everytime so I say “do you want toast or cereal?” Milly says “no! peas please”

Then I have to negotiate with my three year old for about 10 minutes until we generally agree on an apple and some cucumber because for some reason Milly always have to have cucumber with her apple!

Then 10 minutes later …

” I hungry again mummy” so I generally just say “well mummy is having cereal so do you want some?

And this cycle just goes on all day.

Some days she has the appetite of a horse other days she has the appetite of an ant but still she has endless energy I honestly don’t know where she gets it from.. if only we could bottle it we would make a fortune.

4. We go in taxi?

This is a new thing that she asks since the car was in the garage.

Now everytime we say that we are going somewhere Milly says “we go taxi?” So me and Lee have to say to her everytime “No Milly we only went in the taxi because the car was at the car doctor’s remember? Now the car is better so we go in our car! And when that dosen’t work we tell her that ” you are such a special little girl you get to go in daddy’s taxi (our car) and that means you get to take all the things you want with you. When I say “all” I mean 1 bag and a teddy usually.

So yeh that is an extra 10 minutes we have to add to our leaving time as we generally have to go through this more than once.

5. I dontlikeit

This is literally one of Milly’s favourite things to say at the moment even when she does like it. I wrote it as all one word because that’s how Milly says it and it’s really cute.

I ask milly “do you want some yoghurt?” Milly replies “No I dontlikethat” I then say “you literally ate two yesterday you do like yoghurt”

Then Milly just says “No I dontlikeogert” and then walks off and that is the end of that conversation… well for that moment at least.

I swear we have this kind of conversation at least 100 times a day just with different items lol.

Does anyone else have any of these types of conversations with your toddlers? If so what is your main one? Let me know in the comments below.

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