Is it mothers day all around the world or is it just in the UK? I could search online but I feel like I want to know from the people who read my blog!

Mother’s day is a really tricky one because although I want to celebrate having my beautiful daughter, my amazing mum, mother in law and Grandma but I know so many people that have lost their babies and I just sort of feel like I’m rubbing it in their face by like posting things on social media.

Then there is another part of me that feels like I should celebrate that I am lucky enough to have my Milly because so many people are not so lucky so I never really know what to do.

I tend to post like a Happy MOTHERS day post on social media and the gifts I got but then I get onto posting other photos from the day and I’m like maybe I shouldn’t I don’t want to upset anyone.

Then like I lost my Grandma in November so that means this was my mum’s 1st mothers day without her mum so I guess that was sad for her seeing all the other people with their elderly mums and her not having hers.

I felt a bit guilty actually because I feel like I should have really felt that loss today of my Grandma like I do my Grandad and I didn’t! Should I have tho? Like we didn’t have that relationship so I guess that’s why but is that wrong?

To be honest tho I have been in so much pain after my surgery I haven’t felt anything but pain since Tuesday so maybe that is why but I’m sure it will hit me at a later date like it has done before but grief is a weird one so who knows!

In a way I think we should do more to celebrate all mothers not just the mothers who obviously have a child, or elderly mothers but those mothers who have lost thier babies, who’s babies are in the NICU not knowing if their baby is going to survive, who are trying for a baby after many attempts, who are having IVF treatment, who are step mothers, who are adopting a baby/ child because they are no less of a mother than any other mother.

I hope that makes sence and comes across as positive as I mean it to. If it doesn’t I appolagise as I really meant this to be a positive post!!

I will end this post by saying


Thats all for tonight! Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe😘

Love to you All



My mother’s day gifts and card 2019 from Milly the bears name is nugget after Milly’s favourite food chicken nuggets!


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