Today’s Subject – The Government

I’m not usually someone that talks about the government especially not on my blog but omg what a shit shambles we are in honestly my three year old could run this country better than Theresa May and the rest of the muppets in parliament because she knows right and wrong unlike the people running this country!

I can’t believe how much of a mess Theresa has made of this whole Brexit Business! We had the vote over two years ago the people who voted to leave won! So why are we still in the EU? Let me tell you why because Theresa May had no intention of letting us leave on March 29th 2019 that’s why she only actually started doing some form of work on the subject around 6 months ago and now I would put money on it that we will just go from having one extension to another and we will never actually leave.

If she actually thought about why the EU are being so stubborn about us leaving it is all about greed they want our money that is all they don’t care about the UK they care about the money they will loose if we leave and that they won’t have control over us anymore.

She really needs to go on a course about negotiating because she obviously has no idea what it means as in her mind negotiating is giving them everything they want and us looking like absolute jokes to the rest of the world.

All these MP’s have come from a background of wealth and education from one of the most prestigious schools and universities in the country but yet they know absolutely nothing about the real world or the people that they are supposed to be working for! That’s us Theresa incase you didn’t know! You are supposed to be our voice well let me tell you something you are not saying what most of the country want you to say!

I mean just step down but for god sake don’t step down for Jeremy Corbyn to step up because he is equally if not more of a muppet than you are.

Our country is a laughing stock to the rest of the world now! When prior to this shambles we was a highly respected country!

Working with Jeremy Corbyn just makes you look like more of an idiot to The Great British Public because nobody has any respect for him either well to be honest nobody trusts any of the government anymore so well done on turning the people against you! Congratulations you have just done the total opposite of what you are supposed to do!

I don’t want an MP who has never lived in the real world, who has never struggled to feed their family, who has never had that fear of where your next pay check is coming from, who has never worked overtime just to be able to pay the bills, who has never had sleepless nights worrying if you are going to have a roof over you head tommorow, who has never struggled with mental illness, who has never been in debt and had bailiffs knocking at your door.

I want an MP who has been through all or some of that and come out the other side and who actually understands what it is like to live in the real world! Who won’t make cuts on thing that are necessary like benefits, the NHS, the emergency services, the armed forces, schools and funding for thing like mental illness just to pay themselves a big fuck off bonus for doing nothing!

My three year old tells more truth than any of the people in the government and she is a right fibber lol

We voted to leave so we should leave if government didn’t want us to leave in the first place they should have never of had a people’s vote!

That’s all I’m going to say on this subject as it winds me up so badly!

Thanks for reading… this will be my only post on this subject so don’t worry I just needed to get it off my chest!

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Love to you all




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