MUMMY HACK- getting children to take medicine

Milly has always been a nightmare at taking medicine or vitamins but as she has got older she has become so much worse and Milly is incredibly strong for a three year old so pinning her down and trying to get her to take the syringe of medicine if nearly impossible!

As soon as she see’s the syringe or the medicine she says “no medcin”,runs away and covers her face with her arms. So after nearly two and half years of struggling to get her to take anything or just spitting it out we decided to do this!

So instead of everyone becoming stressed and Milly becoming upset we decided to start putting her calpol or nurofen into her yoghurt as when she is not well she will always eat yoghut and it goes down with no fuss at all this means she gets her medicine without causing her any distress.

I know their will be some mum’s who don’t agree with this as they will say “I am drugging my child without them knowing” my answer to that is it’s calpol or nurofen especially made for young children and I give her the stated dose I don’t just guess how much I give her! Second of all I would rather help my already ill and upset child without making her more distressed.

Some children will take medication without an issue milly is NOT one of those children. I tried to put vitamins in her Milk like suggested but she knew she must have been able to taste the difference so that failed so recently I tried the yoghurt trick with her vitamins and it worked! So now daily Milly is getting the vitamins she needs to become and stay healthy and all I have to do is give her yoghurt like she usually has but just with vitamins in!

One thing I will say is make sure the yoghurt is the same flavour as medicine otherwise it will just taste strange.

So if you have a child like Milly who is fussy Af and will fight like hell to not have her medicine this is definitely a way that we have tried and tested many times but obviously only when needed and we have had no issues with getting her to have the medicine and now she is finally getting better!

This is my Hack that as a mother I wanted to share with all of the other parents who are struggling to get their children to take the medicine they need!

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Love to you all




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