My beef with VEGANS!

As you all know I’m not one to share my opinions 🤣 okay we all know that is a lie and I know some people may not like this post but I kind of don’t care because I’m getting fed up of being preached at by Vegans!

I don’t actually have a problem with people who are vegan and just get on with being vegan what I do have a problem with is the people who are vegan and try to make everyone else be a vegan aswell and if your not you are a terrible person because you are a murderer!

I can’t wait to see that episode of behind bars “what are you in for? Oh I ate a burger infront of a vegan and they was offended so they rang the police and unlucky for me the judge was vegan too so I’ve been sentenced to 10 years for eating meat” 🤣🤣🤣

Honestly you can be on Facebook reading the comments about an article about anything and you have the people who agree, the ones that don’t, then the religious person and then all of a sudden up pops a vegan person telling you why you should be vegan… no no I shouldn’t I just want to read the comments about this video of a child finding a razor and shaving his hair off not about you being a saint and me being evil because your a vegan and I’m not!

Vegans are the only people who do this tho! Like vegetarians don’t go on about how you should be vegetarians and meat eaters only defend themselves when they are being told that they should be vegan! There are so many different things that people don’t eat but the only ones who go on about it are vegans!

I swear soon they will start following in the footsteps of the religious groups who come around and knock on your door trying to make you become a part of that religious group but instead of them it will be vegans giving you leaflets and telling you why you must be a vegan and that if you keep eating meat you will die!… I’m going to die anyway I would rather die eating bacon or a sunday roast than leaves if I’m being honest!

I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants advertising that they are Vegan friendly which I don’t have a problem with but I mean it’s not difficult to be Vegan friendly is it just serve salad and boom you are now vegan friendly!

I noticed the other day that Gregg’s had made a vegan sausage roll 🤔 not exactly sure how that works! What I want to know tho is what is actually in it?

I couldn’t be a vegan I can give or take meat apart from bacon but I couldn’t give up Milk ,cheese or bread which I don’t really understand why the can’t actually have milk and cheese because you don’t kill the cow to get Milk so why can’t they have it! And I really don’t understand why they can’t have bread!

In my opinion veganism is a bit like a cult because they keep trying to recruit people and if you aren’t vegan you are shunned! Dose that not sound like a cult?

Let me make it clear I’m not talking about all vegans who are vegan and just get on with it I’m talking about the preachy vegans that never stop going on about how good they are for being Vegan and how bad we are for eating meat!

If you want to be vegan be vegan! If you want to eat meat eat it! Just do it without forcing others to do what you are doing!

Sorry if I offended anyone that is not my intention but I just had to get it of my chest as it is really starting to annoy me!!

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Love to you all




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