Review on our trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park 2019

I hope you all had a nice Easter! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday we had a family day and decided we would take a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

We love this place it is such a fantastic day out and I mean day! It is a lot bigger than you expect!

When we first heard about them opening a wildlife Park in Doncaster we all thought I don’t know how good that is going to be! What is going to be there? Well on our first ever visit when it had only just opened we was shocked at how good it was and our love for the park has just grown ever since!

So we have pretty much been every year since! The first few visits was me, my mum and my dad. Then I met Lee so of course he had to come on one of our visits, then Milly from around 8 months old and every year since.

Milly is now 3 and on this trip we had Me, Lee, Milly, my mum, my dad, Lee’s Mum and my Grandma and we had the best day! This just proves that no matter how old you are you can get enjoyment out of this fantastic park!

Milly got so much out of our trip this time as her understand is so much better! We told her we was going a few days before and she was so excited and when we arrived her excitement just grew!

What I love about this park is the animals aren’t caged they have tons of space of course they are penned in but not like a zoo! I don’t think the animals even realise they are in captivity!

You can tell that the staff really care about the animals and are very knowledgeable and do regular talks about the different animals which are very informative.

As you walk into the park you pretty much walk straight into lion country and as lions are super lazy they are mainly sleeping lol I mean if they move slightly everbody gets super excited and out come the camera’s (yes I am one of those people)

The once you have been around the lions which takes at least 20 minutes to walk around you then head into Africa where you will find Rhinos, Giraffes (Milly’s favourite), ostriches, Zebras, leopards, Okapi, Marmosets, armadillo’s (they are hilarious) and the famous anteater who has now had a baby!

Then you have to head over to the Land of The Tigers because that is really impressive! I think they have four tigers but we only saw three. When we first walked through they was all asleep but when we walked back they was all wondering around so that was good!

Then you can head over to Wallaby Walkabout this is fun as you get to walk through the enclosure with them and they don’t care they just go about there business.

Once you come out of Wallaby Walkabout you will bump into the Warty Pigs from there you can either go up towards South African Viva! Wher you will see giant otters and squirrel monkeys before you get to project Polar or you can head for Lemur woods.

I highly recommend visiting Project Polar as the Polar bears are always doing something amusing like yesterday one of them was pushing the other one into the water by keep tapping it’s bum and making it jump! The polar bears have so much space they actually have four areas they can access but they all like the one the park built first which is typical!

Then you can go down to Lemur Woods which is another walk through experience and then go on the woodland trail where you will get to see painted dogs and baboon’s this will then bring you back to the front of the park where you will find both Meerkats and mongoose you may also meet an Addax on your wonders.

There are two shows one called big bugs live and the other is called Deadly Bugs live! I can’t comment on these as we haven’t attended either.

We stopped for our lunch at the monkey playhouse which is at the front of the park we chose to go there as it has an indoor playground that we thought Milly would enjoy but she did not as she didn’t want to take her shoes of but the other children there seemed to be enjoying it there are also outdoor playgrounds around the park!

The food at the monkey playhouse was good there was plenty of choice and the food was pretty tasty… the staff could have been a bit more polite but I guess you can’t have everything!

Don’t forget to visit the new brown bear exhibit that they have only recently opened to the public! It is very impressive unfortunately all the bears were asleep when we visited but you also pass the camel’s on your way to see the bears and they was actually awake and are at a safe enough distance so you don’t get spat at!

Like I said there is so much to see and it really is a fantastic day out. It is £18 for an adult and £15 for a child over 3 but it is definitely worth the money as a treat for the family!

We had a great day and had a lot of fun and got to make more memories with Milly we couldn’t have asked for a better Easter!

I will add the link to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park so you can check it out for yourself but it is definitely one to visit!

Click here to visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Website

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Photos will be added to social media accounts ASAP but I will finish this post withthe photo I took of a tiger yesterday!

Let me know what you think good or bad as that is the only way I can make my blog better!

Love to you all




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