I said yes to my dress!!

I know what your all thinking did she go on say yest to the dress by TLC Well the answer to that is No! I wasn’t but I did find my perfect wedding dress tho!

It was totally unexpected tho as I had no real interest in finding my dress yesterday we really only went to this fitting to make my Grandma feel a part of the wedding dress search! But then that all changed!!

I just want to say that I never thought I would ever find my dress with the self hate I have for myself and my body but I did!! So if I can find my perfect dress then hopefully this will inspire all you beautiful brides to be out there that you too will find your perfect dress no matter how much you hate or yourself!!!

I would put a photo on but I’m not going to as I don’t really want a photo of my dress on the internet before the big day and my fiancee dose sometimes read my blog and I really don’t want him to see or know anything about the dress!

The people who have seen it have been sworn to secrecy so I will not be giving anything away on this post either… sorry you will just have to wait until after the big day!!

The dress I tried on was miles to big it had to be pinned in about 6 inches but the lady did it for me and when I looked in the mirror I just got this feeling but I wasn’t certain it was the one but I knew I really loved it.

I think I tried on at least another five or six dresses on and no of them gave me that feeling they was nice but not the one so I asked to be put back in the 2nd dress I tried on and that was it I knew that was the one and I couldn’t leave the shop without knowing it was being ordered in for me in my size.

It will take around 4 months to come into store which will be around August time then I will arrange to have my 1st fitting to see what needs to be done like if the straps need altering which the lady says they definitely will as all straps come in one size to fit all and then have to be made to fit me after.

So that gives me four months to work out properly now that I can after my surgery so I will be on that at least five times a week!

What I did love about the day aswell was that Milly was there so when she gets older I can show her the photos of her with me in my dress on the day we chose it.

I am really lucky to have such a supportive family tho because this wedding wouldn’t be possible without them so I am so grateful to them!

So we are doing quite well with wedding planning so far! Tommorow 28/04/2019 me and Lee have a taster session at our wedding venue to decide what meal we want and to meet with the wedding planner to ask her many! Many! Questions 🤣 poor Harriet!

To be honest I think we have already decided what we want but we need to be sure that’s what we want!

I ended getting my dress from a shop in Mirfield called Alison Jane bridal and the service was fantastic she was so friendly, made everyone feel comfortable and she definitely knew what she was talking about!

I will add a link to her insta and website to this post so if you are a Yorkshire Bride you may want to check her out!!

alison Jane bridal website

Alison Jane bridal insta

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Hope you are all well!

Love to you all




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