Must watch Programs on Mental illness

This week is mental health awareness week and BBC have made a real effort to raise awareness around mental illness’s that are not often spoken about and if they are it’s not in a very informative way and doesn’t create a very good image for sufferers of those images but BBC have done a really good job of shining some light on such an important subject.

I may add to this post during the week but for now I have two programs that I highly recommend watching on BBC iplayer:

First up is Louis Theroux – Mothers on the edge This is such an informative documentary and I could totally relate being a mother who suffered terribly with postpartum Depression mixed with Borderline Personality Disorder which one of the women on this program also suffers with and there are women with crippling anxiety (which I can also relate to) and also postpartum psychosis and other mental illnesses that new mothers can become ill from even if they had never suffered from mental illness before having their baby. It is a really good documentary that I would encourage everyone to watch this, both men and women because it will also make you aware of what signs to look for in a loved one or even a friend.

Louis is always professional and makes sure that everyone in the documentary is comfortable and they are all happy to open up to him but I think that is because you can tell he is asking the questions to learn not to judge and that is why people seem to be so comfortable around him.

Next Up is PTSD: THE WAR IN MY HEAD This is about three soldiers who sadly took their own life in the last year but it is really interesting. They have taken some clips from a documentary the young men previously did in 2016 I think , some footage they shot themselves, letters they had wrote and there is also interviews with their fellow soldiers, friends and family.

Yes it is sad in some parts but it is very informative about what it is like suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it may not be a happy ending sadly but it is real life and this is what people need to watch to actually get more of an understanding of this illness that effects so many people not just soldiers suffer with this and may not even realize that this is the reason they are actually acting the way they are.

I would definitely recommend watching this and if any of the symptoms do resonate with you then please seek medical advice as obviously it could be caused by many things but if you do feel you are suffering with this or any mental illness please ask for help before it is too late.

So far that is all the documentary’s I have watched this week on mental illness but if any more appear I will be sure to add them to this post or if you have any recommendations drop me a comment below and I will give it a watch.

Update 15th May 2019

New Programme on BBC that was aired tonight at 9pm and it is called Nadiya: ANXIETY AND ME and OMFG I am so glad I watched this because I can totally relate with everything she is saying because I suffer with the same extreme anxiety as she does. If you are trying to get your head around how to try and understand Anxiety in your head or what a family member is going through then please watch this. She tries all different kinds of therapies including CBT it is really worth watching.

I have tried all the therapies that she has done and they all made me worse but I think that is because I don’t have a specific thing that caused it so these kinds of therapies just don’t help but I also think that is because I have borderline personality disorder also it has a big effect on the severe anxiety disorder so I’m in a losing battle.. that’s what it feels like anyway.

New Update 17/05/19

David Harewood: Psychosis and Me Aired last night 16/05/2019 at 9pm Now available on BBC iplayer. Was very interesting and informative I actually need to watch it again as there was just so much to take in.. highly recommend!!

New update 20/05/2019

A royal team talk: tackling mental health aired yesterday 20th May 2019 on BBC one.

This is so interesting it is about footballers speaking about their own struggles with mental illness.

The footballers who are on this programme are Gareth Southgate, Peter Crouch, Thierry Henry, Danny Rose and Jermaine Jenas open up to Dan Walker and Prince William.

William also opens up about his struggles and about how he admires any man who speaks out about their struggles especially when they are a well known figure.

It was good and near the end they bought in three or four men who have also struggled with their mental health to speak about it and to also have a game of football with the professionals.

It’s one you need to watch to get the full picture but it was good. I would really reccomend it for men who love football and struggle to open up as this may make them think well if these premier league footballers can open up then so can I or it may just make them realise that they are actually suffering with a mental illness and that they don’t need to be ashamed.

Thanks for reading I hope you have found this post helpful and as usual if you like it click on that little star below and if you love it well then please go ahead and subscribe to my little blog.

Love to you all




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