Panorama- Hospital Abuse Scandal!

What have I just watched? I am appalled!! No scratch that I am disgusted!! I feel physically sick at the abuse No torture I have just watched these vulnerable adults who have severe disabilities receive from people who their families are trusting to take care of their loved ones.

I don’t know how the girl who went undercover to film this could just stay neutral I would have lost it but she had to so she could gain the staffs trust so they would open up to her and they did and what they said was disgusting.

What I don’t understand is why people go into that job if they don’t want to care for people who have severe learning difficulties. I think it’s for the power trip because they think they can treat these human beings like shit and get away with it because unfortunately who will people believe the staff or the sectioned woman?

Honestly it was horrifying one girl was petrified of men and because she kept screaming which was just part of her illness two men came into her room which obviously made her worse and then the men told the two women to go out of sight and they kept telling her that if she didn’t stop screaming more men would come… she kept screaming obviously so then they started snapping balloons at her as she was terrified of balloons and she kept saying sorry but they kept on tormenting her.

That was just one of the horrifying scenes of the programme. They wound the patients up just so that they could restrain them they restrained one man for over 30 minutes maximum they should be restrained for is 3 minutes and not the way the did it. One staff member had the man’s head between his knees while he passed around chewing gum to the six or seven other staff who were involved in restraining this one man who wasn’t even fighting.

Another piece of footage showed the staff mocking the patients and calling them the most horrible names infront of their faces and behind their back. One member of staff purposely went into one mans room and took his poster down off the wall the 50 year old patients then became angry and instead of defusing the situation he squared up to the man this was the same man they restrained the next day for 30 minutes.

After 3 weeks of being undercover they then started to open up to the undercover women that they have actually physically hit patients and left them with big lumps and when the patient tried to tell anyone she was told to shut up.

The undercover staff member found out that they was planning to put cameras around the place apart from in the patient’s rooms but instead of the staff thinking okay we need to provide better care no they was working out where the black spots would be and even demonstrated on her how they could hurt the patient’s without being seen.

Do you want to know the conclusion? Well I’m going to tell you anyway because this made me fuming! Six staff members was put on suspension whilst they reviewed the situation! So they wasn’t even sacked!! One staff member said he hadn’t done anything wrong even tho he was on camera doing all these horrible things.

What I want to know is how in 2019 is this still happening? Why haven’t criminal charges been bought to these people as at a minimum it was neglect. Another thing I want to know is is there like a register that these people get put on so they can never work in that industry ever again?

I wouldn’t say I reccomend watching it because it isn’t nice but I have only touched on some of the bad things that happened but I do think people need to watch it to know what to look out for and to report!

What I will say is if you do see ANYTHING that you are concerned about it report it!

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3 thoughts on “Panorama- Hospital Abuse Scandal!

  1. WellThat'saCrazyStorey says:

    As someone who works in a hospital, this makes me feel irrationally angry. These people have their lives in the workers hands. So much trust from the families.

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