Love island’s “plus sized” contestant! Is not plus size!

This headline is taken from the independent

So I have seen on a few online papers and on social media that one of the girls who is entering the Villa is Plus Sized I shit you not she is probably a size 10 maximum and apparently she is plus sized!

I will show you a photo of her that I did take of her Instagram account just to prove how not plus sized she is and how the love island photos have been edited to make her look bigger.

Here is the love island photo that was released today:

And this is a photo from Anna’s Instagram

According to the media ⬆️ is plus sized!

That girl is beautiful of course or she wouldn’t be allowed on love island a standard dosen’t make the cut which already causes women and men to struggle with their body image.

Last year when jack was on Love island he wasn’t ripped he was just a normal size but he wasn’t classed as plus sized so why is it okay to falsely label women as plus sized when she is clearly not!! I would say a curvy 10!

I was looking online and apparently in the modeling and tv world anything above a UK size 8 is actually classed as plus sized this made me feel sick!

I have suffered with eating disorders, body dysmorphia and critically low self esteem for as long as I can remember and it has only got worse as I have gotten older as the media tells you that thin is beautiful and fat is not!

Then it’s curvy is beautiful and skinny is not but you can’t be too curvy otherwise that’s ugly and skinny is good but too skinny is not!

Who actually decides this shit! Who actually has the right to make girls and women want to fit into these boxes and if they don’t they aren’t good enough, they aren’t beautiful and they aren’t worthy to be out in public.

Also it says people have called for body diversity I’m not being funny but having one girl who is slightly bigger than what is expected for the TV world is not being diverse and calling her plus sized is just laughable.

Seriously if she is plus sized I’m Victoria Beckham!

I’m really angry about this because although my little girl is only three I try to not pick holes in myself or call myself fat whilst she is around because I don’t want her to suffer with her body image or self esteem but I can only do so much I have no control over the media or what is shared on social media and it really scares me because the media have to take some responsibility and they aren’t!

Don’t get me wrong it’s not just Love island who are guilty of this a few months back Victoria Secret showed of their first plus sized model! This was her!! She is a UK size 8

I mean there needs to be some rules bought in for the media that they cannot legally say that they are plus sized unless they are over a size UK 16? As apparently that is the average dress size in the UK!

I don’t believe body shaming should exist no matter what size you are and the worst culprits for this is the media!

Things must change or eating disorders, self hatred, self harm and suicide are just going to keep increasing if we don’t change anything!

I don’t know how to change things as I’m just one person but we do need to change things!

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Love to you all




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