Father’s Day 2019

I’m back! I know I have been MIA for a while but we have had so much going on my mental health took a really bad hit and we have just moved home with in the past week so I just haven’t had time to post.

I really appreciate that my subscribers haven’t left me yet. So thanks very much for continuing to support me.

So Father’s Day is a weird one for me since I lost my Grandad because it just dosen’t feel the same celebrating without him.

It has been nearly three years but I feel every year just gets harder and harder not any easier but I try make it as special as I can for Lee and my dad but especially Lee.

My grandad passed away when Milly was 4 months old and I wasn’t coping well as a mother at that point suffering terribly with postpartum depression but losing my grandad was just too much and I ended up having a nervous breakdown so I don’t even remember what I did for Lee’s 1st Father’s day but I don’t think it was anything massively special which I feel awful about.

The reason I try make it so special for Lee is because he is an amazing dad to Milly but he also lost his dad to suicide when he was 13 and although it was 19 years years ago it’s still a difficult day for him of course and now with my dad losing his dad 3 years ago I try make them both feel as special as I can.

I mean I can’t afford to spend massive amounts of money on them as much as I would love to and as much as they deserve it but that’s not what Father’s Day is about it is about saying thank you for everything they do and that we sometimes take for granted and to let them know we are grateful and we love them.

I think all celebrations are very difficult without my Grandad because he was such a big character and I miss him every single second of every day!

Lee has been a rock for me from the 1st day we met and now we have a crazy 3 year old together who is our world and I couldn’t have chosen a better partner or daddy for our girl!

She had her daddy’s heart from the moment she was born and that hasn’t changed. They have the most amazing bond and to watch the two of them together just makes me fall in love with Lee even more.

My dad is just awsome I am probably the most annoying daughter because whenever I have a problem no matter how big or small he is the first one I call and even tho I know it annoys him I ring him anyway as I know he will never let me down.

When I was first diagnosed with my mental health problems he had no understanding at all and I think it was because of his army background it was sort of just a get on with it kind of attitude but over the years he has seen how hard I have suffered and had tried to understand more and Lee is very good at trying to get people to understand the struggle of having mental health problems.

Of course they will never fully understand but the fact they try means so much to me.

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Love to you all




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