Disney Aladdin movie review

I’m not going to lie to you when we decided we was going to go see Aladdin I wasn’t overly excited as it’s not one of my favourites but I did want Milly to see it just because it’s Disney and it’s new and I thought she might like it but I wasn’t sure as she is only three and knows what she likes and dosen’t:

Well I can happily report that she loved it and so did I. It wasn’t a soppy romance at all it was more about the friendship between Aladdin and the genie and about Jasmine being a badass and not being the sit up and shut up kind of princess.

Its really good, very funny and I highly recommend it for all ages! and sex’s

It is very colourful, very funny and very cleverly written. It followed the original storyline with a few changes like one change was that Jasmine definitely has been given a bigger role than in the original.

Aladdins monkey Abu is hilarious he is a propper little theif is that monkey and super naughty aswell and the best thing is it’s actually a real monkey.

Will Smith does a performance that Robbin William’s would have been proud of. Hand on my heart he was my favourite character he didn’t try imitate how Robbin William’s played that character he totally made it his own and I think that is what he needed to do because it worked so well.

We actually went to watch Aladdin around three weeks ago but we have been so busy since then I forgot to post my review about the movie.

I would recommend going to see it especially if you are a Disney fan or your kids are it is a must see just so you can say you have seen it and check off you list but like I said it is really enjoyable.

It is a massive year for Disney movies this year! We will be going to see Toy Story 4 this weekend and I’ve heard good things so I am super excited about that so I will definitely be doing a review on that within the next few days!

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Love to you all




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