Milly got her vaccinations!!

So like any parents we was dreading the fact that our little girl was having to have her injections but we know that it’s the best thing for her in the long run.

We was expecting the worst because she is really strong especially when she dosen’t want to do something or something done to her, so we was braced ready to pin her down so the nurse could get the needle in but that scenario didn’t happen at all!

We walked in, met the nurse and she got everything ready whilst we sat there then we sat Milly on Lee’s knee and we was all prepared for the worst including the nurse and Milly just sat there she didn’t even flinch when the needle went in.

She sat like a solider honestly we was so proud of her. She didn’t cry or anything she just sat there and took it like a boss. So because she did so well they gave her a certificate and she was so proud of herself!




1 week after the MMR injections Milly became ill but that is common as it is a live vaccine she started with a runny nose and being really tired, then a few days of that she started saying her ears were hurting her and struggling to eat because her throat was sore and her stomach hurt.

So on Monday I took her to the doctors as we was around two weeks in and he said it was just a reaction to the vaccine where they get some symptoms and can last up to 3 weeks and he thinks she has a virus that will just be from her being run down.

She has made a really big improvement over the past few days so I think the doctor was right but of course if she takes a turn for the worse we take her back but I’m hopeful now we aren’t in a mouldy house that she will make a full recovery 🤞🤞

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Love to you all




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