My Grandma’s 80th Birthday

Saturday was my Grandma’s 80th Birthday and I think it was quite difficult for her well it was quite difficult for me but she had a good day from what I gathered anyway… I think Milly helped.

Let me explain why I found it difficult. It was a trigger for me because my Grandad passed away at 80 and although I know that dosen’t mean that my Grandma will there is still that thought in my mind that it happened to my Grandad and he was a fighter it could easily happen to my Grandma as she has already given up on life really.

What frightens me tho is the fact that on her Birthday she said that is she became seriously ill she wouldn’t call anyone for help or press the emergency button she has in her new apartment she would just let herself die and that really upset me.

I know for sure she is seriously depressed and you would have to be blind not to see it but she will not admit it , even tho I have suffered terribly with my mental health she still believes it dosen’t really exist.

The weird thing is that people accept grief with no problem at all because it is an acceptable reaction to loss but what they don’t actually realise is grieving is actually a mental illness because grief is your brain trying to cope with a traumatic event.

My dad made my Grandma a plaque for the garden with my grandad’s name on but when my Grandma moved she gave it to us as she dosen’t have a garden so when she comes here she can go and see it he loved the garden so it only seems right for his plaque to be out there.

I don’t know how we got onto this change of subject but I think it’s important to talk about so I will leave it in.

So what we did for my Grandma’s birthday is we went to a local pub for a meal and then went back to her apartment for cake you can see the photo’s and videos on Milly’s Instagram and photos on mine.

Thats all for now! Thanks for reading don’t forget to subscribe 😘

Love to you all




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