Children’s mental health – spotting the signs early

So I read the other day that they will be bringing into schools a mental health class where they will learn all about different mental illness’s and they will also receive credit for which is brilliant as long as it is taught properly and isn’t just taught from a book!

I don’t know what age they start these lessons but I think they should be taught as early as possible and I also think that parents need to have lessons or access to lessons online around Mental illness and what signs to look for in there loved ones.

I also feel that these lessons need to have people who in the real world suffer with mental health conditions and also people who have lost friends or family to suicide. The more honest the better in my opinion!

People tend to shield young people especially teenagers from the real world but a subject as serious as mental illness needs to be spoken about as raw as possible to get the seriousness across of mental health problems.

With teenagers they like to be spoken to not at but like I always say unless you have been through it you will never fully understand what it is like living day in day out with a mental illness.

Another thing with teenagers is the symptoms that you would look for in a depressed person are very similar to what you see in a hormonal teenager but thats when you have to look for the hidden signs like hiding under loose clothing, wearing hoodies in 30 degree heat so you don’t see the cuts, not going out, lack of appetite, dramatic change in appearance and the big changes in their behaviour like talking a lot about wanting to die, not wanting to leave the house at all or without someone they trust and that is just a few.

Tbh all you can do as a parent in this situation is try and convince them to see a doctor but if they flat out refuse that then just let them know that you are always around and that if they don’t feel they can tell you in person tell them to text you or email you how they are feeling so you are aware and then just let them no when they are ready to talk about it whether it is with you, someone they know or a Dr that you will support them no matter what and do whatever they need in that moment.

However if you have serious concerns about your child or someone you know then you will obviously have to break their trust but it’s better to have an angry kid for a few weeks or months than a dead child for the rest of your life.

I know how to the point that sounds but sometimes things just need to be said and I’m sorry if that upsets anyone but it is the truth and when you actually think about it you will agree that what I say is true.

Do you want to know why spotting the signs early is important? Because it takes ages to get any help and the longer you suffer the better you are at hiding it until one day you just have a major mental breakdown and then you are stuck in a dark cycle.

What I also believe puts a hell of a lot of unnecessary stress on teenagers and year six students is exams. Exams shouldn’t be so important I sucked at exams because I’m not an exam kind of person I’m a practical person but GCSE’s only cater to those kids who are good at written exams the rest of the kids are written off.. well that was my experience with high school and exams.

So just let your kids know that exams aren’t everything if they do well great if they don’t well it dosen’t matter life isn’t all about exams it’s about trying your best. My grandad always used to say to me “if you can put your hand on your heart and say I did my best then nobody can ask anymore from you” and I will tell Milly that for her whole life.

All I’m saying is do some research on mental illness especially Depression and anxiety as they are very common especially in teenagers so if you know the signs to look for then getting help for the one you love or care about before things get to bad that things get so bad you don’t know what to do for the best.

I’m not telling you what to do I’m just advising you from personal experience of suffering with mental illness for as long as I remember and it only seems to get worse.

Thats all for now! I may come back to this again later on another post.

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Thanks for reading!

Love to you all




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